Star Wars:Beginnings of Tyranny

Star Wars Currents of WAR
In The Darkest Hour

A Long time ago in a Galaxy far,far away…….
we find our hero mining a virgin world where technology has yet to be discovered and utilized, save for a very select few. a high queen of the fey nations has admitted to xxx that she tho from this world is not herself from this world but rather was an admiral of a small rebel cell which was cast down and nearly wiped out by the new chancellor of the republic, even the jedi do not know of this traitorouse act of hostility and dictatorship on the chancellor’s part. and so he is left unpunished,
but also revealed is the title and rank of the dragonborn torment…whom has also been off world, and was in fact the capt. of the small fleets flag ship..
but now they are in faerune searching for relics that should not be found there there is a belief that these relics may be of sith origin and must be confiscated and studied if for no other reason than to prevent the goddess LOLTH from being born into a physical body….


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