Star Wars:Beginnings of Tyranny

Star Wars Currents of WAR
In The Darkest Hour

A Long time ago in a Galaxy far,far away…….
After the answering a distress signal from the moon Onivarr, our heros encountered a fire fight to reach a lone survivor of a sith assault team. with the aid of a search and rescue ranger and her newly found crew, a droid and a scoundrel.
this Moon is comprised of red dust/sand and has a breathable oxygen level(tho barely),
its days are 34 hoours long and a year is is 600 days.
After defeating the sith assault team the scoundrel has searched and cleaned out the bodies of the dead. S&RR has seen to the medical well being of the lone surviving Jedi whom reports from the Jedi order Claim was sent here with his master on a trial to claim and establish a jedi Temple from the Cavernouse underground tunnels, catacombs and messas that exist 1000 meters below the surface of the red moon.

Episode 2: Light in a Time of Extreme Darkness: Our heroes have saved and recruited a vampire Jedi knight of the Sieth Grie Order and as a reward were charged with transporting thier new charge to the Jedi Coouncil on Coruscant, what remains of it anyways, while the jedi is deliberating with the elders in the temple his comrads in arms were enjoying a pleasant evening in the Blaster and Bolt Cantina, when the festivities were broken up by the plane wide Klxon Alarms indicating sith landing parties on the planet…unable to find a suitable transport rogue and his droid and Captain were rescued by his former Pazzak partners who now offer a means of escape to the Winnabego . Once back safely on board the vessel the 2 outsiders introduce themselves as rogues older brother and sister who were separated as young children and sent to live with allies of thier parent. Thier father was a pirate or privateer which ever you prefer tho both terms mean the same thing while thier mother was a noble from the planet Lannik. this being said they explained how they had found each other and had clues as to the whereabouts of thier youngest sibling Rogue. and now safely securing thier sibling from harm they divulge that they are recruiting for a Solitary Resistance Cell under the orders of Wing Commander StarSkimmer who has charged the delegartes with recruitment and aquisition of a new HQ . …….Meanwhile our Jedi In the templer are responding quickly to quell the incomming sith.

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